Limassol Carnival 2019 To Be Let by Two Queens

The Limassol Carnival Festival, also called ‘‘Karnavali Lemesou”,  is a colourful annual event of carnival processions and people feasting, singing & dancing. The Carnival Queen or King is usually a satirical figure that represents social, political and economic conditions that affect Cyprus directly or indirectly.

2019 is the first year that two women are having the lead roles, as Carnival Queens, in the Limassol Carnival. The two queens will take front stage after they are crowned on ”Tsiknopempti” , which marks the begging of the Carnival Festivities, according to Cyprus Mail.

Limassol Carnival Festival it is considered one of the most  notable events worldwide which has been celebrated the last 100 years.

The Final Grand Parade will take place on the 10th of March 2019.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love Limassol, since we consider it as one of the most beautiful cities of Cyprus;  And of course we love Limassol Carnival Festival, because is an excellent opportunity for happy people to party and have fun (which perfectly matches our culture!)

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