Let’s Celebrate The International Chocolate Day

Every year on July 7 we celebrate the International Chocolate Day. As Polarity Technologies has found out from Check In Cyprus on the 7th of July, 1550 chocolate was introduced in Europe.

Almost everyone loves chocolate. Dark chocolate, in particular, can be beneficial for health as it’s rich in minerals, rich in antioxidants and its consumption can increase serotonin levels; the happy hormone!

If you wish to celebrate this day, below are 6 awesome places in Nicosia that Polarity Technologies loves, where you can find chocolate & chocolate desserts to die for.

  1. Leonidas Chocolate shop
  2. Pralina Confectioneries
  3. New York Sweets
  4. Lean Sweets
  5. Noufaro Take Away Pastry
  6. Melirryton Traditional Dessert Shop

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we absolutely adore chocolate and anything related to it, so we will definitely celebrate the day with a piece of chocolate (…or two). If you enjoy our Business, Tech and Lifestyle news, follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and  Instagram.