KickStart 2020’s Resolutions With 7 Healthy Office Snacks

After the heavy meals of Christmas we have promised ourselves (just like every January) that this year we will start making healthier food choices.

Choosing wisely our office snacks would be a good first step.

Healthy snacking throughout the day can help us maintain our energy level and  keeps our metabolism revved up.

Below are 7 healthy snack ideas that Polarity Technologies’ team loves!

Nuts & Seeds: When you don’t have the time to leave your desk, you can have some almonds as you work! Nuts are packed with vitamins, protein and fiber.

Bananas: Polarity Technologies’ team favourite! A good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre and manganese!

Dry Fruits: When you need an immediate energy booster, try raisins!

Greek Yogurt: Greek Yogurt at the office of Polarity Technologies goes with everything! That’s because we are huge fans. The good news is that it’s healthy too. We have it either it plain, or topped with honey and cinnamon. Delicious!

Hard Boiled Eggs: Not everyone likes eggs, but we do! Eggs are packed with protein and keep us full until the next main meal.

Protein Bars: Nutrition experts say ”the less processed, the better.” Although protein bars are not the purest snack you can have, it’s still better that other high-carb alternatives.

Homemade Pop Corn: One of the world’s best sources of fibre, with very few calories! Not sure how convenient it can be to have it at the office, however it can be a perfect movie snack after a long day at work.

Since snacking is a great way to boost our energy, we make sure that our office is constantly supplied with fresh fruits, protein bars and other healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy during the day.

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