Instagram is Launching New Anti-Bullying Features

Instagram is taking action to combat cyber bullying using AI technology, as Polarity Technologies has found out from CheckIn Cyprus.

Based on comments that have been reported in the past, the system will be able to recognise and hide comments that could be perceived as harassing. Users will still be able to view the hidden comments that have been posted by other users on their profile, by clicking on the relevant button.

According to Engadget,  “Instagram is officially 10 years old, and is marking the end of its first decade with new features meant to encourage users to be nice to one another. 

The company says it’s expanding its in-app warnings that nudge users when they try to post a nasty comment. Instead of asking users to rethink their mean comments, the new warnings will note that Instagram may disable users’ accounts if they repeatedly break its rules. As with its prior anti-bullying updates, it won’t prevent users from posting negative comments altogether, but will ask them to rethink it before they post.”

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