How To Remain Efficient & Productive While Working From Home

Some of us, here at Polarity Technologies Ltd, find ourselves to be more productive when working from home. Less disturbance equals higher efficiency, right?

However, others find working from the office to be more convenient, as offices are usually better equipped.

If you are working from home Polarity Technologies Ltd gives you 5 tips that will keep you focused, efficient and productive.

  1. Isolate Yourself:  If you are a social butterfly, working from home can be challenging. On the other hand, trying to work with your family around can be distracting. If you are not living alone, make sure that you have picked the most quiet room in the house.
  2. Set Up Your Work Space: Get a desk and a comfortable chair! If you are planning to work from home for longer than a day or two, it’s important to be comfortable. A large screen, a wireless mouse & a keyboard will make your life much easier.
  3. Stay on Schedule: Pretend that you are at the office. Stick to your routine. Do what you would normally do, at each time of the day. Have your coffee and your lunch on the usual time.
  4. Plan Ahead: Decide ahead all the tasks that you have to complete each day. Do not leave your desk until the job is done.
  5. Shop Smart: Stock your shelves with healthy snacks and fruits. Being at home makes most people consume more than they normally would. Have your snacks by your desk to fuel your body during the day and if you are cooking for yourself, prepare your meal the night before.

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