Have You Been to Hans & Gretel Yet? Polarity Technologies is Crazy About it!

Hans & Gretel is a magical little shop that opened its doors a few weeks ago in the Mall of Cyprus. The ice cream that is being served there, is absolutely delicious. The most amazing thing, apart of its rich taste, is that you can get your scoops served in any kind of cone you prefer.

The options are countless! You can also get them in a waffle or in a Chimney Cake, and add the toppings and sauces that you like….And that’s not all. There is also a really large variety of candies that can be bought separately.

What made this little shop to stand out, is the fact that it offers more than just ice cream and candies. It gives to the visitor the opportunity to live a pleasant experience. The smell of the freshly baked cakes, the design of the shop, the vibrant colours and the fancy costumes of the people who work there (!) makes you feel as if you live in a fairy tail.

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love our cheat snacks.

Salad keeps us healthy, but ice cream keeps us sane.

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