Friday is … Pizza Day!

What is the best way to get the weekend started? Pizza! The favourite food for millions of people.

Although there is a little debate over who made the first pizza, some sources say that Raffaele Esposito did. (Thank you Raffaele. We owe you a lot!)

According to AKCrust‘There’s a general consensus that it happened some time during the 1800s in Naples, Italy. Since then, chefs from all around the world have created their own take on this popular dish, each bringing something new and interesting to table.”

Who can resist to a big slice of delicious pizza after all? Certainly not us! Here in Polarity Technologies we are huge foodies; You already know that.

”The crust has always been a main target for pizza innovation due to its ability to entirely change the dynamic of a pizza.” AKCrust says.

Thin Crust: Light and Slightly Crispy. Neapolitan pizza belongs to this category.

Flatbread Crust:  Lighter and airier making it ideal for appetisers and personal-sized pizzas.

Thick Crust:  Traditional Pan goes under this category. Pan style of crust  is characterised by its buttery, pan-fried taste and texture on the outside, with a soft and chewy centre. Sicilian pizza which is known for its thick, rectangle-shaped crust, often over an inch thick, goes under this category too.

Authentic Wood Fire Crusts: Deep, smoky taste derived from using real wood to heat the oven.

Focaccia: Thick, bready dough infused with herbs and brushed with olive oil before baking, then covered with cheeses, herbs and spices.

Custom Crusts: One of the biggest innovation in the pizza industry. Mozzarella stuffed, cream cheese stuffed and more.

What could be better than a hot slice of cheese pizza after a long week?

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