PolariTeam’s First Official Game Of Darts

Apart from modern and bright our new office has one more …advantage.

It’s called ”Recreation Area”! When we received the initial floor plan we were super excited at the prospect of having an area that feels like home, so we made sure that the end result would look (and feel) even better.

Surrounded by large windows and  filled with cosy furniture, is the place where we have our lunch, take breaks, de-stress ourselves and play games.

A couple of days ago our dart board arrived, so we have decided to schedule a game.

Polarity Technologies first, official game of darts!

The perfect time to do that was on Friday afternoon. After taking a shot, to share our excitement and enthusiasm about our new office, it was time for us to play.

There are many different dart games, as you might already know. We have chosen to play Killers. The two accountants, Alexandros and Gina made it to the final round, and Gina was the big winner!

We love our little perks and team activities, especially now that we have our own playroom.

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