Few Days Left to Polarity’s Annual Gathering

Genimous Group, Polarity’s parent company, as well as our sister companies, Eightpoint Technologies & Spigot Inc., will meet next week in Cyprus for Polarity’s Annual General Meeting. The big 2-day event will take place at Parklane Resort & Spa, the new gem of Limassol.

Representatives from each company will travel all the way from Florida US, Bucharest, Cayman and Beijing to attend this important annual gathering.

Apart from the meetings, we have also scheduled some really fun team activities and outings.

Although the activities will start on Monday, some of our guests have arrived to Cyprus already. Last night, our team and Benjamin Newell, from Eightpoint Technologies went for dinner at ”Mpempa”.  For most of us, it was our first time there but the positive feedback we got from our circle made us want to try it, plus it was a good chance for Ben to try the authentic Greek cuisine.

Few days have left to Polarity’s annual gathering and we are really excited about it.

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Image: marriot.com