Facebook Messenger: Touch ID and Face ID Options Are On The Way

Facebook is now rolling out Touch ID and Face ID lock options for Messenger on iOS, as Polarity Technologies has learned from Social Media Today.

Phone calls are not as popular as they used to be, as Gen Z, the generation that comes after Millennials, prefer texting to calling.

Not only teenagers but also adults, are using Messenger (among other apps) many times throughout the day to stay in touch with family members and close friends. Apart from sharing funny memes, users also often have private conversations on Messenger, that wouldn’t like them to be viewed by others.

For those who worry about their privacy, Facebook has some good news.

With this new privacy feature, Facebook will enable users to lock their messenger and decide themselves how long after they leave the app, Messenger will need to be unlocked again with Face/Touch ID.

Users can choose between four options.

  • Immediately After They Leave
  • 1 Minute After Leaving
  • 15 Minutes After Leaving
  • 1 Hour After Leaving

Will Instagram and WhatsApp follow the same path?

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