Enjoying Authentic French Flavors at The Comfort of Our New Office

For most people Monday is the least favourite day of the week and especially during summer. Almost every adult person living in Cyprus is spending his weekends chilling at sandy beaches and  drinking exotic cocktails. It’s hard to head to the office after that, isn’t it?

However, Polarity Technologies knows how to make Mondays more pleasant. Every Monday and Wednesday we get catered meals of our choice.

Yesterday we found out that PAUL, the well-known french restaurant, has started to deliver so we didn’t miss the chance to try its new dishes. You now that we are foodies, right?

What we liked the most was the shrimp salad with avocado and quinoa. Light and delicious. Perfect for the hot weather.

Perks at Polarity Technologies have no end. If you are a hardworking team-player who loves good food and knows how to party, follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram for future job openings.