Don’t Miss Starbucks Black Friday. We Won’t!

If you enjoy coffee as much as Polarity Technologies team does, then we have some great news for you.

As Polarity Technologies has found out from Check In Cyprus, not only on Friday but on all days of this week, Starbucks will be offering up to 40% discount on amazing coffee accessories.

More specifically, from 23-29/11/20 we can get awesome coffee accessories either by visiting a Starbucks shop or by placing an online order via Wolt.

The weather is getting colder and a cup of hot coffee always helps. A cup of warm coffee, always makes our day. We drink a lot of coffee, which is not particularly healthy but it keeps us alert and focused especially in the morning when we need a boost to get the day started.

We love coffee so much that we have even placed a giant wall sticker in our kitchen that states clearly that the work will be done only after we have our cup of coffee! After all, is there any better way to get our days started?

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