Do you Enjoy Running in The Mountains?

If you love challenges and sports as much as we do here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, then you might consider participating in this adventurous and exciting sport event.

Madari Mountain Running will be held on Sunday the 26th of May from 8am to 4pm.

‘Two technical routes that are taking place at one of the most scenic mountain landscapes of Cyprus. The two different races will take you through Madari Mountains. A 10km trail race with 700m of vertical gain and a daring 24km trail race with 1600m of vertical gain both for passionate trail runners and mountain enthusiasts”, according to in-cyprus.

Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounta will be the start and finish point of both races.

If you enjoy mountain running then you should definitely register.

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love sports. Physical activity boosts our mind and keeps our energy levels high. Thankfully, our flexible working hours allow us to enough time for our hobbies and fitness.

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