Instagram Removes the Pressure of ”Likes”

In an effort to encourage users to focus on connecting with each rather than counting likes, Instagram is testing now a new way of displaying likes under the posts.

Likes in Instagram are currently a measurement of success. ”Likes” boost people’s self esteem, but what happens when users do not get the desired number of likes?

Instagram, has removed the number of likes shown under each post in some countries including Italy, Ireland and Japan so that the users, and especially the younger ones, do not feel the pressure to be ”liked”.

According to BBC, ”At the moment, Instagram users see a running total of people who have liked a post. In the trial, users will see a user name “and others” below posts.”

Instagram aims to encourage people to focus more on telling their story and feel less judged.

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The Time Has Come! We are Moving!

In a couple of days Polarity Technologies Ltd will be moving in its new premises and PolariTeam is super excited about it!

The renovation work has been completed, and the area is almost ready. Our office furniture arrived last week and what we love the most are the height adjustable desks!

Our new office is consisted by the two conference rooms, reception area, open work space (because we are big on team play), a kitchen and an amazing recreation area for our breaks!

The most amazing thing about our new office is that it is surrounded by over 30 windows which makes the area really bright and the environment very pleasant for our team.

The new office reflects Polarity’s true style & character, and our team is really excited about this change.

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Hello New York City!

The financial team of Polarity Technologies Ltd flew two weeks ago to Florida, and then to Kansas City, where Spigot’s offices are located.

During their visit, our team members attended important meetings and participated in fun team activities and outings.

At the end of the business trip, some of us decided to extend their stay in US and take some personal time off so they could visit New York city, before they leave America.

Travelling is something that Polarity Technologies Ltd encourages and supports. With other companies of our group being located all over the globe we are often given the chance to travel to other parts of the world to build relationships and spend time with people we work with. Team work is very important for us and I bet you already know this!

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The Chocolate Factory and Museum is Coming to Cyprus

After the big success the ”Chocolate Factory” had in Greece and Italy the past years, finally it comes to Cyprus. The unique theme park will be hosted by the Cyprus State Fairs Authority from November 18th 2019 to February 16th 2020.

Visitors will get the chance to learn about the different stages of production as well as the history of chocolate, which started as a beverage at first but ended up being the most popular dessert in the world! Will also participate in numerous activities and taste unique chocolate combinations.

Operating hours and ticket price will be announced at the official page of the event within the following weeks.

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Open post

Our Team Goes Fishing in Bonita Springs

As you might already know from our latest post, the finance team of Polarity Technologies flew last week to Florida, to visit our sister company’s headquarters. Spigot, Inc. gave as a warm welcome as always!

They arranged a bunch of amazing outings and fun activities for us. One of the activities we did and we really enjoyed was fishing in Bonita Springs. We skipped out on work, got up early, got to the marina and hop on a boat which sailed in the beautiful sea.

We all caught something -mostly little sharks- and of course we had an amazing time.

After fishing the team got together in Downtown Fort Myers for dinner at Firestone. Everyone shared apps, reminisced about the awesome day and just got to know each other a little bit better.

Teamwork is one of the core values of Polarity’s culture, therefore we grasp every opportunity to travel, build relationships and spend quality time with the people we work closely with.

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We Are in Florida. Whoop Whoop!

Working with Polarity Technologies is an unpredictable journey full of fun activities and exciting experiences.  Two days after the gathering our company group had in Limassol, on the occasion of Polarity’s Annual General Meeting, the finance department of Polarity Technologies flew to Florida, where our sister company’s, headquarters are located.

Spigot welcomed Polarity with a delicious Cuban dinner at  Fernandez the Bull in Naples, probably the best Cuban place in the area. Team building is something that both Spigot and Polarity Technologies invest heavily in, as we consider teamwork a super important element of our success.

Through travelling we develop relationships with other companies of our group that are located all over the globe and of course is something that we love and enjoy. Thanks to our modern corporate culture and mentality we all had the chance to visit other continents, experience the customs and traditions of other countries and try different cuisines.

Travelling is something that we really enjoy to do so we often extend our business trips to visit and explore nearby destinations. Some of the destinations we have visited the last two years for business reasons include but are not limited to, Budapest, Bucharest, Kansas City, Florida, Cayman and  Beijing.

The perks here in Polarity have no end and this is what keeps us passionate, enthusiastic and engaged.

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Here is what Happened on Day 1

Working with Polarity Technologies is an amazing journey full of fun and exciting experiences. Yes we do work hard, but we also play hard.

Yesterday Polarity’s staff members and board of directors arrived at the Parklane hotel. (No words or photos can describe accurately how awesome this hotel is!) We have planned to spend 2 nights here, together with our colleagues from Spigot, Eightpoint and Genimous who have travelled all the way to Cyprus for Polarity’s Annual General Meeting.

So here is what happened yesterday…

We arrived at the hotel early in the afternoon. We checked-in and left our things in the rooms. A luxury minibus was waiting  for us at the hotel entrance to drive us at Limassol Marina, where our cruise would start! The white Catamaran was sailing under the sunset, while we were enjoying fantastic mojitos. The summer breeze, the sound of the waves and the reggae music at the background helped us to completely relax.

Few hours later we got back to our hotel. We took our time to get refreshed and ready for dinner. People from other countries do really appreciate the Cypriot cuisine, therefore we booked a table at Forsos tavern, where we enjoyed  delicious meat meze at the beautiful yard.

We got back at the hotel quite early. Today is the big day, so some people chose to get some rest. Other, decided that the night should not end so early so they had few wildly imaginative cocktails at beautiful terrace of Parklane.

Today is the big day. Stay tuned and find out what happened.

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Few Days Left to Polarity’s Annual Gathering

Genimous Group, Polarity’s parent company, as well as our sister companies, Eightpoint Technologies & Spigot Inc., will meet next week in Cyprus for Polarity’s Annual General Meeting. The big 2-day event will take place at Parklane Resort & Spa, the new gem of Limassol.

Representatives from each company will travel all the way from Florida US, Bucharest, Cayman and Beijing to attend this important annual gathering.

Apart from the meetings, we have also scheduled some really fun team activities and outings.

Although the activities will start on Monday, some of our guests have arrived to Cyprus already. Last night, our team and Benjamin Newell, from Eightpoint Technologies went for dinner at ”Mpempa”.  For most of us, it was our first time there but the positive feedback we got from our circle made us want to try it, plus it was a good chance for Ben to try the authentic Greek cuisine.

Few days have left to Polarity’s annual gathering and we are really excited about it.

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Friday Team Lunch @ Evohia

The past weeks have been quite challenging, so we have decided that it was time for us to take a short break and enjoy a nice lunch altogether.

We picked Evohia restaurant because apart from its  excellent food, it’s also located at a short distance from our office. Team outings as well as other team activities is something that we seek to do, whenever we get the chance to, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd.

Teamwork is one of the core values of Polarity’s culture. Interacting within different environments, other than the office, makes it easier for us relax and casually exchange ideas on work and non-work related matters. We keep learning each other through this. The better understanding helps us to operate more effectively as a team in the long run.

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Welcome Summer Party

Since Nicosia does not have a beach Wonder Be has decided to create one. After the success of last year’s Nicosia Beach Party, the same concept will be repeated this year at the yard of Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, in Faneromeni. The end of Ledra street will be transformed in an exotic beach. Umbrellas, deckchairs & hammocks will compose the perfect beach scenery. The scenery gets completed with exotic cocktails and upbeat summer hits. Retro and Contemporary, Greek and non-Greek Music, will uplift our mood and get us ready for summer.

It’s worth mentioning that the event which will be held next Sunday, June 9, from 5pm-11:55pm supports the action of the Karaiskakio Foundation.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love summer, exotic cocktails and party!

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