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When Your Colleagues are THE BEST, this Happens

Not only the COOL culture itself but also each team member individually makes Polarity Technologies a workplace that most of the people would love.

Due to the amount of time we spend together every day, we became a second family to each other. Not only we respect and support one another, but we also grab every opportunity to make our teammates feel special.

One of Polarity’s employees had her birthday this week. The rest of the team was determined to make her day unforgettable; they decorated the office walls and the ceiling with party flags and ribbons, and they placed a large ”Happy Birthday” banner on the wall.

They also brought a cake for her (a mouthwatering  Baked Cheese Cake from Boutique Patisserie) and sang Happy Birthday wearing  cute party hats!

A ”Make a Wish” cake topper was placed on the cake. But what else could she ask for?

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd  the perks are limitless and you never know what is coming next.  Working with Polarity is an exciting journey full of positive energy and pleasant surprises.

Our moto is ”Work Hard, Play Hard”. This mentality generates creativity, innovation, and creates an environment where young professionals can thrive.

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