Events Cancelled

A bunch of events and festivals are being cancelled in Cyprus due to the sudden Coronavirus outbreak, as Polarity Technologies has learned.

Apart from other drastic measures that Cyprus’ authorities took to slow down the rapid transmission of the disease, it has been additionally  decided that events or gatherings of more than 75 people must be either cancelled or postponed for a later date.

As Polarity Technologies Ltd found out from CheckIn Cyprus, the following events of March will be cancelled or rescheduled.

  • Marinella’s concerts
  • Food Fork Market
  • «Τι να θυμηθώ τι να ξεχάσω» concerts
  • Happenings in Leventios Pinakothiki (for April as well)
  • Christos Thiveos concerts
  • Charity Gala Dinner with Giorgos Theofanous
  • OPAP Limassol Marathon
  • Eleftheria Arvanitaki’s concerts
  • Fred Wesley’s concerts
  • Natasa Bofiliou’s concerts
  • Giorgos Shampanis-Keti Garmpi concert
  • All the scheduled theatre performances of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation
  • Antonis Remos concert
  • Stelios Rokkos concert

Keep calm, wash your hands and everything is going to be alright.

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