UBER is Teaming Up with Lime to Add Electric Scooters to its App

Polarity Technologies Ltd learned that Uber is adding electric scooters to its stable of transportation options. According to Bloomberg , the ride-hail giant is investing in Lime in a new $335 million round of financing led by Alphabet’s venture arm, GV, that values the electric scooter company at $1.1 billion. Under the deal, Lime’s e-scooters will become available to rent on Uber’s app.

A spokesperson for Uber confirmed the deal, and Lime published a blog post announcing some details about the investment. Uber also plans on slapping its logo on some of Lime’s lightweight electric scooters, though it won’t say how many or in which cities the partnership will be rolled out to first. Lime is based in Sam Mateo, California, and its scooters can be found in 70 cities in the US and Europe.

“Our investment and partnership in Lime is another step towards our vision of becoming a one stop shop for all your transportation needs,” said Rachel Holt, the former head of Uber’s North America ride-hailing business who’s now leading scooter and bike-rental efforts along with public transportation partnerships. “Lime already has an expansive footprint, and we’re excited to incorporate their scooters into the Uber app so consumers have another fast, affordable option to get around their city, especially to and from public transit.”

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Mondays’ Cheat Meals are THE BEST

According to Very Well Fit,  “Cheat meals have been shown to benefit our health and fitness”.

What’s the best cure for The Case of the Mondays? Donuts of course! This morning Polarity Technologies Ltd surprised everyone with a SWEET breakfast (pun intended).

The donuts came from Loukou Donuts and they were delicious! Loukou whipped up a BIG variety for us this morning on short notice, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. They made us all kinds of wild flavors including their famous Oreo, Hazelnut Praline, Choco, Bueno and so many more!

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Healthy Snacking Keeps Us Going

Here at Polarity Technologies Ltd we want to create a FUN environment that will keep our people HAPPY and productive.

According to OfficeVibe «Besides perks like medical benefits, employees are looking for companies that think outside the box and create an atmosphere that makes employees want to spend time there.»

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we keep coming up with fresh ideas and new AWESOME perks for our team. Flexible Schedules, Team Outings, Daytrips, Games, Travelling, Crazy Parties, Free Lunch, Coffee and Snacks are only some of them.

Since snacking is a great way to boost our energy, we make sure that the office is constantly supplied with fresh fruits, protein bars and a large variety of healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy during the day.

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Facebook Bug Randomly Unblocked Some Users From People’s Block Lists

Polarity Technologies Ltd learned that Facebook disclosed a bug this morning that affected about 800,000 users by unblocking at least one person on that user’s block list for around one week. Writing in a blog post, Erin Egan, the company’s chief privacy officer, said the bug was active between May 29th and June 5th. It did not re-establish friend connections between any of the affected users and the blocked individuals, Egan says, but it did allow those previously blocked users to see posts shared to a wider audience, like photos shared with friends of friends. Content shared with the friends-only preference would not have been accessible to the unblocked person.

Still, blocked users may have been able to re-send friend requests if they happened to notice they were suddenly unblocked. Egan also confirmed that unblocked users were potentially able to send messages via Messenger to people who presumably did not want to interact with them at all. According to Facebook’s data, 85 percent of people had only one person on their block list unblocked due to the bug. “This issue has now been fixed and everyone has been blocked again. People who were affected will get a notification on Facebook encouraging them to check their blocked list,” Egan writes.

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Open post

Polarity had an AWESOME time in Florida, USA

In Polarity Technologies Ltd, we really enjoy our multicultural interactions. We have recently travelled in Florida, US to meet, mingle and have some good time with the cool people of Spigot Inc, our affiliate company.


As Polarity and Spigot share identical values and culture, fun couldn’t be missing. Spigot’s office is a CRAZY playroom. We had some fun breaks playing Table Tennis, Foosball, Basketball and Mario Karts. We’ve also enjoyed a huge variety of yummy craft donuts and other delicious food that Spigot Inc brought to the office for everyone. And that’s not all.


At the end of each day people of Spigot Inc, were making sure that we would return to our hotel rooms tipsy and happy. They took us to the best restaurants and the coolest bars of the area where we had fantastic food and amazing cocktails under the sunset.

Thank you Spigot. We will definitely be back to Florida soon!


Our Culture is Far From Boring!

Polarity Technologies Ltd is HUGE on collaboration! We love our fun, collaborative environment and interactions, especially with all of the team members of Spigot Inc. Our culture is far from boring. Cool Parties, Fun Games, Team Outings, Delicious Meals and other Awesome Activities are only some of the perks that keep us excited and bonded.

We have created an environment where we all work hard together to achieve our goals. Not only are we driven individuals that Work Hard, but we Play Hard too. This culture not only generates creativity and innovation, it also creates a warm and fun atmosphere that everyone enjoys.

According to The Huffington Post, “Collaborative environments are at the core of the modern workplace, not only do positive relationships with co-workers raise job satisfaction and, by extension, employee retention, fostering collaboration helps companies make the most of their knowledge resources.”

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Windows 10’s Mail App Will Finally let You Write Emails With a Stylus

Polarity Technologies Ltd learned that Microsoft first got serious about digital inking in Windows 10 a year after the operating shipped. The software maker added Windows Ink in the aptly named Anniversary Update to improve stylus support for devices with a pen. Windows Ink was a good first step, and Microsoft has been gradually improving its inking across Windows 10 ever since. Microsoft is now finally bringing stylus support to the Mail app in Windows 10.

Windows Insiders can test the latest Mail app update, and it includes a new draw tab in the ribbon interface when you compose a new email. You can now write an entire email with a stylus if you like, and it’s something that has been strangely absent from Windows 10 for three years now. There are plenty of pen options and colors with this new feature, and it should ship in time for Microsoft’s next major Windows 10 update, currently codenamed Redstone 5. Microsoft is expected to make this update available in September, and the company is getting close to finalizing its feature set.

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Facebook Groups May Soon Charge Monthly Subscription Fees for Access

Polarity Technologies Ltd learned that Facebook will now let group administrators start charging $4.99 to $29.99 a month for exclusive membership in certain groups. Parenting, cooking, and home cleaning groups will be the first ones to get the new feature as part of an early test.

As it stands now, free groups will remain intact, but they will soon have the option to launch premium sub-groups.

Facebook says the new feature is so that group admins, who put a lot of time and dedication to growing their communities, can also earn money at the same time. The company also says admins could take the money they earn to create higher-quality content for the group as well, whether that be more posts, videos, or offline meet-ups and events.

For now, the feature is still an experiment on mobile and Facebook won’t be getting a cut of the subscription fees. As part of standard App Store and Play Store policies, Apple and Google will be taking a percentage of user subscriptions fees via iOS and Android, however. Still, this is just the beginning for Facebook’s efforts to monetize groups, which, unlike the News Feed, does not rely on advertising.

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