Global Internet Shutdown Starting Today

Polarity Technologies Ltd learned from ValueWalk that ICANN warns about a potential internet shutdown affecting the entire globe starting today.

”The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced plans to update the cryptographic key which supports the Domain Name System. The DNS is sort of like an address book for the internet, in that it takes the domain names we type into our browsers and matches them to the correct IP addresses so that internet traffic is delivered to where it needs to go.

Experts say the internet shutdown could last up to 48 hours while ICANN updates the encryption key. Users affected by the internet crash will see error messages about a “server failure.” Potential problems include slow loading of pages, network access issues, and not being able to access certain online resources. It’s also possible that you won’t experience problems until a couple days from now because many website administrators keep cached versions of their websites available for up to two days.

The organization expects only about 1% of the world’s internet users to experience a total crash, but still, that’s approximately 36 million people. Those who will be affected by the internet shutdown are people whose internet service providers or network operators haven’t prepared for the encryption key switch in advance.

If it looks like you’re being affected by the global internet crash, there’s no need to worry. Everything should be back up and running in a few days—as soon as your internet service provider updates their DNS resolvers.”

Read the full article from ValueWalk.

Photo: geralt / Pixabay

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Six Days Full of Energy

Members of Polarity‘s sister companies, EightPoint and Spigot Inc, have travelled from Cayman Islands and Florida to Cyprus. During their stay we’ve visited many different parts of Cyprus and made sure that our guests would get the chance to experience the Cypriot culture at its fullest, since this was their first time here.

Below are the restaurants and bars we went, most of which deserve a 5 star rating!

Day 1: Elma & Fred, Zonkey

Day 2: ”To Elliniko’‘, Columbia Beach, Yacht Resto Bar

Day 3: Zanettos, WSTD

Day 4: Atelier

Day 5: Cliff Bar, Sawa

Day 6: Lush, Pantopoleio Kali Oreksi, Lost & Found

As you can see Polarity’s last few days have been pretty intense and FUN!

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EightPoint and Polarity had an Awesome Weekend Together

Our weekend was very vivid and ”alive”. We wanted to make sure the last few days of EightPoint‘s team in Cyprus would be memorable so we’ve picked some of the best places in and out of Nicosia for Food, Drinks and Fun.

On Saturday night Polarity Technologies took EightPoint to Atelier, a fantastic French restaurant with gourmet concept. We’ve tried different dishes and wines. We loved the Pasta with Fresh Lobster and the Beef Filet Steak.

Photos: Atelier

On Sunday, our day started early. On our way to Konnos Beach we stopped to Zorbas Bakery to get some breakfast (Because every tourist HAS to visit Zorbas at least once!)

We arrived at Konnos around noon and dived into the blue sea. Although the water was cool, the sun was burning so we decided to go get some beer. Reaching Cliff Bar was a bit of a challenge as it is located at the top of a cliff. The good news is that by the time we reached the bar all calories from the breakfast were burned.

The view from the top was stunning. Totally worthy. We left Ayia Napa a couple of hours later. The weekend ended with a nice dinner at Sawa.

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3rd Outing: Zanettos Cypriot Tavern

On Friday evening Polarity Technologies Ltd introduced to EightPoint the Cypriot cuisine. We picked Zanettos because of the good quality and large variety of food, the authenticity of the dishes, the long history of the place and of course the excellent service.

Zanettos is one of the most popular taverns on the island, when it comes to traditional Cypriot food. No wonder why. It represents many aspects of the Cypriot culture; hospitality, generosity and friendliness. Panayiotis -the owner- welcomed us by pouring rosewater in our hands (an old Cypriot tradition by which people were welcoming their guests in the their households). Panayiotis -who by the way is single and millionaire- put an extra effort to exceed our expectations and ensured we were looked after the whole night. The food was delicious and lots as always. At some point we were all so full that couldn’t go on, and new dishes were still coming. But when the sweets arrived we were more than happy to try a bite or two, because as you already know  in Polarity Technologies we always give in to our sweet tooth. Our friends from Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC have really enjoyed the night. Panayiotis, thanks for the amazing evening!

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2nd Outing: Columbia Beach

If you love the sea and you can appreciate good food then we highly recommend Columbia Beach.

Yesterday Polarity Technologies Ltd and our guests from EightPoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC had an amazing evening in Limassol. A mini bus picked us up from Hilton and drove us at Columbia Beach. During the ride we played games and had a lot of fun. We arrived at Columbia Beach around 8. We had some drinks while waiting for one of Polarity’s directors, and well-known lawyer, Andrea Yordamli to arrive.

For starters we got sushi, salads and prawns kataifi. Mouthwatering! Then our main dishes arrived. The ribs with the BBQ sauce were legendary; the meat was literally melting in your mouth. We have never had anything similar before. Black Angus Beef and Veal Schnitzel were equally tasty.

At the end the waiter brought us a large fruit platter and a dessert platter (of course!). After we finished our meal we went for a walk at Limassol Marina were we had one last drink at the Yacht Resto Bar, before getting back to Nicosia.

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Our Friends from Eightpoint are Here

This week Polarity Technologies Ltd has three visitors from our sister company, Eightpoint.

Cody, Ben and Jerrod travelled all the way from Cayman Islands to meet us. This is their first time in Cyprus and our aim is to help them gather the best memories. On the following days we are taking them to different areas of Cyprus, making sure they’ll get the chance to experience the Cypriot hospitality, culture and cuisine at its fullest. Beautiful landscapes, sandy beaches and amazing sunsets are all in the plan.

Yesterday was our kick-off dinner. We went at Elma & Fred, a unique ”concept store” located in the centre of Nicosia which combines food and fashion.

Photo: Elma & Fred Facebook Page

According to Cypriot & Proud ”Elma & Fred is indeed a concept store, a place where you can products that appeal to a general lifestyle rather than one shopping category, At Elma & Fred one can find stylish clothes for both men and women- not only known brands but young designers as well. Right next to that one can buy carefully selected Italian, gourmet food products such as handpicked biscuits, aged balsamic vinegar, excellent quality tea and teapots as well as delicious Italian nibbles. Right after the food section one arrives at the café, a Lamborghini café, restaurant and all-day bar.”

The service, the environment and the location were all excellent. We had few nice appetisers, meat & fish platters, wine, cocktails & shots. Of course we couldn’t miss the dessert, so we tried the Tiramisu and the Panna Cotta.


Photo: Zonkey Facebook Page

Zonkey was our next stop; a nice alternative bar at the centre of the city. We had a few drinks there while the DJ was entertaining us with his music and his passion.

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Why Interacting with People from a Different Culture can Improve your Creativity

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love interacting with people from foreign cultures. We communicate on a daily basis with people from US, Asia and Europe. That’s because our sister company’s offices are located in United States and our mother company’s headquarters are located in China. As you can understand the opportunity for us to travel to other continents arises quite often. Additionally we have people from other countries visiting us every couple of weeks.

According to World Economic Forum interacting closely with people from different cultures makes us more creative. Based on a research of MIT Sloan Assistant Professor of Work and Organization Studies Jackson Lu, people who experience certain types of relationships tend to exhibit higher creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.“Creativity is about connecting dots”. When someone enters a close relationship with a person from a different culture, they collect more dots to connect to the ones they already have. “These relationships can also enhance your cognitive flexibility, which means that not only do you have more dots, but you’re more capable of connecting them,” Jackson Lu said. “Intercultural relationships lead you to switch your cognitive frameworks, and push you outside the box.”

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Image: REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

Cyprus: One of the Healthiest Countries in the World

Polarity Technologies Ltd was proud to find out that Cyprus is one of the most healthy countries in the world.

”It’s official, Cyprus is one of the healthiest places to live in the whole world! According to the Bloomberg Global Health Index, Cyprus is the 18th most healthy country out a massive list of 163 countries. So why is this the case? Why is Cyprus so healthy? Read on to find out…

Healthy Diet

One of the reasons why Cypriots are so healthy and have such a high life expectancy is due to the Mediterranean diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fish all cooked with health giving olive oil and prepared to traditional recipes that will truly make your mouth water, it’s hard not to eat healthily when you’re in Cyprus! These foods are perfectly suited to the warm climate, unlike back home where you crave stodgy junk food because you feel cold!


There is a lot to be said for the sun! When you’re in the sunshine, you just tend to feel happier. It relaxes you and makes you feel at one with nature. Of course sunshine also brings you vitamin D, a vitamin that many people are lacking in these days, but one that is vital for our good health.

High Healthcare Standards

Another reason why people in Cyprus are healthy, is because they get the very best healthcare. Whether it’s treatment for an illness, or simply preventative care to ensure they remain in good health, there are a wide range of very high quality healthcare services available on the island that surpass those of many other countries.

Pace of Life

When you live in Cyprus, you learn not to rush. People in other countries seem to live every moment of their lives in a mad panic. The Cypriot way is to take things slow and steady. Somehow everything still gets done, just without everyone having to rush around to do it! When you embrace this way of life, you can feel yourself relax and enjoy life more. You have time to appreciate the details in your life that can so easily be overlooked.

Many Ways to Alleviate Stress

Cyprus offers you so many ways to de-stress. Stress is so common in our modern hectic world and it’s also a massive killer. Stress can lead to some serious health conditions such as heart disease and strokes. It’s really important to find ways to lower your stress levels, and there are so many ways to do this in Cyprus! You can read a book by the pool, relax and shut your eyes for a moment on the golden sandy beaches. Join in with some water sports, or sit and watch the world go by at a beach front bar. There are endless walks with the most beautiful of views, and last but by no means least, perhaps the best way to banish stress, is to watch the spectacular Cyprus sunset.”

Read the full article of Cyprus Health Services here.

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Polarity Attended ”Floral Whisper Along the Silk Road”

If you are following our blog you already know that Polarity Technologies‘ team last evening was about to attend a Chinese cultural event, called ”Floral Whisper Along the Silk Road”.

Our overall impression was excellent, since the event exceeded our expectations. It was very well organized and very pleasant.

We arrived at Hilton Park Hotel at 19:30 where Chinese hostesses in Qipao  escorted us to the room entrance.  A group of musicians were playing Chinese Folk Music right outside the room and a Chinese girl placed branded lapel pins on our clothing. We were even asked to put our signatures on the big foam board that was placed behind. Wow, such a warm welcome!



During the event we watched some very unique performances from Chinese Artists. We got impressed! All of the performances was demonstrating aspects of the Chinese culture and history.


The event ended with cocktail, networking and dance.

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We Can’t Wait For Tonight

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd we love learning about foreign cultures and interacting with people of different ethnic backgrounds. Since Polarity Technologies‘ mother company is located in Beijing, we have a particular interest in Chinese culture and we embrace every opportunity to get familiarized with Chinese history, mentality and language.

Considering this, you can probably understand how excited we got when our Mandarin teacher Meimei Han invited us to the “Floral Whisper Along the Silk Road”; a cultural event aiming to promote cooperation and communication between Chinese cities and countries along the Maritime Silk Road.

The event will take place tonight in Nicosia as part of its international tour, which will be completed in three years from now. The first stop of the tour was Sri Lanka, and was held on the 21st of September.  The event is hosted by the Administration of culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication of Guangzhou Municipality.

Polarity’s team can’t wait. We will keep you updated with photos and details.

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Photo: VR Drumming Academy