Do CY Businesses Utilise Internet Fully?

Polarity Technologies Ltd was surprised to learn that not many Cypriot companies are fully utilise the internet.

Although 70% have their own website, only 44% of them have social media profiles.

The survey was conducted, by Cystat,  among 2000 companies, with ten employees or more between January and May this year islandwide.

According to Cyprus Mail, ” The data shows that while there is widespread use of websites by businesses, they are not making full use of the internet. Aside from the lack of presence by most on social media platforms, only 22.8 per cent employed specialised IT staff.”

Read the full article here.

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19 Towns in Cyprus With Free WiFi

More that 13.000 municipalities in Europe applied for the WiFi4Eu scheme of the European Commission.
The WiFi4EU initiative provided municipalities with the opportunity to apply for €15.000 vouchers. The vouchers are to be used to install Wi-Fi equipment in public spaces, and provide citizens free access to Wi-Fi in public spaces including parks, squares, public buildings, health centres etc.
2800 municipalities won the funding. As Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned, 19 of them are in Cyprus!
These are:

The Countdown Has Begun!

Just a few days left for our End of Year Party – Trip to Bucharest, and we couldn’t be more excited!

In a couple of days the full team of Polarity Technologies Ltd will be travelling to Romania, to meet Spigot Inc’s  folks and celebrate with them group’s accomplishments of 2018.

The trip will last less than 72 hours, therefore we are determined to make every moment unforgettable.

For our accommodation, we have picked Hilton Garden Inn, situated in the real heart of Bucharest. For our first dinner we have chosen Mesogios Primăverii.

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd  the perks have no end and we never know what is coming next. Working with Polarity is an exciting journey full of positive energy and pleasant surprises. Our culture is far from common. Cool Parties, Fun Games, Outings to the Best Restaurants and Bars, Travelling, Accommodation to Luxury Hotels are only some of the benefits that keep us excited, motivated and engaged.

Our moto is ”Work Hard, Play Hard”. This mentality generates creativity, innovation, and creates an environment where young professionals can thrive.

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Your Kids will Love this!

We are sure that you have heard (if not already visited) Masterland.

Masterland is an innovative and really creative project located in Limassol; A place which your kid have to visit at least once. It is an interactive educational theme park which represents a mini-model of a European city. Through role-playing, children can get a sense of how the real world works, in a pleasant and joyful way.

If you have never been there before, this weekend is an excellent time to do it since tomorrow, December 8, Masterland will open its Christmas Village as well!

Find the program of the weekend below.

10:00 Opening of the Christmas village

11:00 Contests, competitions, games and prizes

12.00-13.00 Magical Christmas Post office with Express Christmas Mail collection points. We also will be making Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, and gifts to Santa Claus in the workshops.

13:00 Christmas Fairytale for children “Adventures of snowman Olaf” in the Theatre (in the Russian language).

14:00 Parade of Christmas characters. Opening Ceremony of Christmas village, greeting from King and Queen of Masterland. The Lighting Ceremony of a big Christmas Tree.

15:00 Contests, competitions, games and prizes

16:00 (on Sunday only) Alena Grey dance academy performance.

16:00-19:00 Magical Christmas Post office, workshops with Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and gifts to Santa Claus. Express Christmas Mail collection points.

17:45 (on Saturday), 17:00 (on Sunday) Christmas Fairytale for children «Santa needs help» (in the Greek language) at the Theatre.

18:30 Christmas Fairytale for children “Adventures of snowman Olaf” in the Theatre (in the Russian language).

19:00 Parade of Christmas characters.

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Image: Masterland’s FB Page

A Hidden Fairyland . . . in Limassol

A hidden paradise where Nature and Art, meet. A place like no other. And guess what. It is located in Cyprus!

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we have just found out about this place, and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Euphoria ArtLand is a most unique innovative and diverse holiday escape, offered for relaxing holidays set right in the center of nature.
Three unique houses were built to combine multicultural elements and organic bioclimatic architecture with natural cooling and lighting. Made as art from recycled materials, they are available for rent to those who wish to escape in a dreamy world of colours and stylish decor.

The guests can choose between The Earth House, The Colour House and The Blue House! Each one is a piece of art and has its own character. If we had to pick one, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we would choose The Colour House because it matches well with our culture; Bright and Colourful.

What we wouldn’t miss for sure, is visiting the The Euphoria Body & Soul for a relaxing massage. The place is magical; Surrounded by ponds with goldfish, exotic water plants and various colours of tropical water lilies and lotus plants.

You can learn more about Euphoria ArtLand and book your little vacation house here.

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Soup At The Office? 4 Places you Can Οrder From

Soups are healthy (well, most of them), light and can keep you warm during these cold days.

If you are a soup lover, or if you just need a light meal at the office to keep you going,  Polarity Technologies Ltd suggests below 4 amazing places in Nicosia where you can order a delicious soup from.

Fresco: In Polarity Technologies we Love Fresco, because of the fresh ingredients, the healthy choices and the quick service. When it comes to Soups, Ginger Carrot is our favourite. If you haven’t tried it yet, the weather today is ideal.

Get Fresh:  Nana’s Soup is similar to Ginger Carrot, which we have mentioned before, and equally tasty. Trahanas is another -traditional- taste that we love from Get Fresh and we definitely recommend it.

Olives & Burgers: Pumpkin And Apple Soup is a tasty fasting dish of just 220 calories. If you are watching you are diet, this dish is for you.

Green Foods Fresh & Bio: Hipocrates soup is an excellent choice if you want to give your immunity system a boost, as it contains some ”powerful” veggies including celery, parsley and leeks.

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7 Tips To Stay Healthy During Christmas

During Christmas Holidays people’s daily routine is usually affected. These days are often full of events, gatherings, food, alcohol and parties. Below are 7 ways to keep ourselves healthy during party season, according to The Guardian.

  1. Have a Filling Breakfast: Having a healthy and generous breakfast can help us control our appetite later in the day and limit the consumption of unhealthy and sugary snacks.
  2. Drink Less: According to Rosamund Dean- journalist and author of Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life- we should restrict alcohol to three days each week and also limit the number of drinks we consume.
  3. Power Nap: A 30 minutes power nap within the day, makes a huge difference, according to Nick Littlehales, author of Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours.
  4. Adapt your Exercise Routine: Don’t give up exercise. Just adjust it!
  5. Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby: Keep a selection of healthier snacks, such as fruit or nuts, in your drawer or bag. “Never go to a party really hungry,” says Holly Davidson, personal trainer. “Have a snack before you go.”
  6. Drink Water: It’s crucial if we want to avoid hangovers and remain hydrated.
  7. Wear a Scarf Over Your Mouth and Nose: A study found that the virus replicates better in lower temperatures, so keeping our nose warm with a scarf could help prevent a cold.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love Christmas and festive activities because we are still kids at heart. By following all the above tips, we will hopefully return to the office healthy, energetic and ready to achieve new goals.  If you enjoy our news, show us some love. Follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and  Instagram.

We Brought the Christmas Spirit to Our Office

December is here and Christmas is only a few weeks away.

Since Christmas is a season full of happiness and joy,  Polarity Technologies‘ team have decided to bring the Christmas spirit to the office.

We bought a bunch of Christmas decor items from Jumbo and we’ ve placed them around the reception area.  The Christmas atmosphere we’ve created made our office even more cosy, warm and welcoming.

Additionally, through the decorating process we ‘ve noticed that one of Polarity‘s team members is impressively artistic. Who says that accountants can’t be creative too?

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love Christmas. The days near Christmas are usually very pleasant, festive and  happy, therefore they match well with Polarity’s  cheerful culture.

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Open post

We Were There!

Today we have attended the 15th Digital Marketing Forum, organised by IMH.

Remarkable speakers, including Nicky Kriel and Tolis Aivalis shared with us the latest trends in social media and what changes we should expect in 2019.

What we liked most, was the fact that the audience had the opportunity to interact with the speakers through a platform. Using our phones we could ask questions and communicate with them live.

The event was well organised, with rich content and over 200 participants.

Digital Marketing world is ever-growing and fast. Keeping our team up to date and well-informed is a top-priority for Polarity Technologies Ltd.

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This is the Perk we Value Most

One of the most important benefits of working with Polarity Technologies is that employees get the chance to participate in seminars, workshops, forums and conferences, in order to develop their skills, expand their knowledge and keep up with industry trends.

Tomorrow, Polarity Technologies‘ marketing department will participate in the 15th Digital Marketing Forum of IMH, that will take place at the Hilton Park hotel, in Nicosia. During the forum the latest trends, tendencies and techniques in Digital Marketing field will be discussed.

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we believe that training improves employee performance, satisfaction, efficiency and creativity. Additionally, our people feel supported and encouraged. Therefore, the cost and time is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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