A New Restaurant Opens its Doors in Nicosia

Polarity Technologies Ltd has found out that a new, Mediterranean restaurant is opening its doors soon in the centre of Nicosia. The Ivory All Day Concept‘s menu has a touch of Middle East. All the dishes are made of top quality, fresh ingredients as we have learned from Check In Cyprus.

A large variety of dishes will be available to choose from, as the menu is consisted by approximately 25 options, which of course include vegetarian and vegan choices. As an all day destination, Ivory will be open in the morning for coffee, will be serving lunch and of course dinner.

A very interesting fact is that the unique and creative combination of flavours was curated by Andreas Andreou, Chef of the Year 2017.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we are huge foodies and we often find ourselves scoping out the latest and greatest places to eat. We won’t miss this one.

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