5 Cities in 20 Days

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd we grab every opportunity to travel to other cities. A special member of our team has recently left for a three-week business trip, during which he will visit London, Austin, Fort Myers, Miami and Cayman Islands!

The reason of his trip to Austin is a business meeting with partners. Fort Myers is where one of our sister companies is located, therefore it will be an excellent opportunity for him to meet Spigot‘s people and spend some time with them. Miami is as you all know ”The Place to Be”, so he definitely won’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most popular and fancy cities in Florida. The last stop is Cayman Islands, where our sister company EightPoint is located; an excellent chance for him to see this exotic island, as he has never been there before.

Our lives here in Polarity Technologies Ltd are full of pleasant surprises. We never know what each new day will bring.

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