A Hidden Fairyland . . . in Limassol

A hidden paradise where Nature and Art, meet. A place like no other. And guess what. It is located in Cyprus!

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we have just found out about this place, and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Euphoria ArtLand is a most unique innovative and diverse holiday escape, offered for relaxing holidays set right in the center of nature.
Three unique houses were built to combine multicultural elements and organic bioclimatic architecture with natural cooling and lighting. Made as art from recycled materials, they are available for rent to those who wish to escape in a dreamy world of colours and stylish decor.

The guests can choose between The Earth House, The Colour House and The Blue House! Each one is a piece of art and has its own character. If we had to pick one, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, we would choose The Colour House because it matches well with our culture; Bright and Colourful.

What we wouldn’t miss for sure, is visiting the The Euphoria Body & Soul for a relaxing massage. The place is magical; Surrounded by ponds with goldfish, exotic water plants and various colours of tropical water lilies and lotus plants.

You can learn more about Euphoria ArtLand and book your little vacation house here.

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