7 Tips to Stay Healthy During Christmas

During Christmas Holidays people’s daily routine is usually affected. These days are often full of events, gatherings, food, alcohol and parties. Below are 7 ways to keep ourselves healthy during party season, according to The Guardian.

  1. Have a Filling Breakfast: Having a healthy and generous breakfast can help us control our appetite later in the day and limit the consumption of unhealthy and sugary snacks.
  2. Drink Less: According to Rosamund Dean- journalist and author of Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life- we should restrict alcohol to three days each week and also limit the number of drinks we consume.
  3. Power Nap: A 30 minutes power nap within the day, makes a huge difference, according to Nick Littlehales, author of Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours.
  4. Adapt your Exercise Routine: Don’t give up exercise. Just adjust it!
  5. Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby: Keep a selection of healthier snacks, such as fruit or nuts, in your drawer or bag. “Never go to a party really hungry,” says Holly Davidson, personal trainer. “Have a snack before you go.”
  6. Drink Water: It’s crucial if we want to avoid hangovers and remain hydrated.
  7. Wear a Scarf Over Your Mouth and Nose: A study found that the virus replicates better in lower temperatures, so keeping our nose warm with a scarf could help prevent a cold.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love Christmas and festive activities because we are still kids at heart. By following all the above tips, we will hopefully return to the office healthy, energetic and ready to achieve new goals.  If you enjoy our news, show us some love. Follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and  Instagram.