5 Things to Look Forward This Month

This March will be a different one, as we won’t celebrate major events in the same way we used to. Although the strict measures against COVID-19 limit our options when it comes to entertainment, we can work around it and enjoy the important days of this month in an alternative and (almost) equally fun way.

Polarity Technologies shares with you the 5 most important dates of March 2021.

  1. Women’s Day, March 8: Buy a nice gift or some flowers for the special women of your life.
  2. Green Monday & Weekend Before, March 13-15: Spend quality time with your close family at the fields.
  3. Coffee shops & Restaurants Reopen, March 16: Book a table at your favourite restaurant. You deserve it!
  4. Time Changes, March 28: Some of us are pretty glad about the additional sunlight.
  5. Earth Hour, March 27: Don’t forget to switch off the lights, for one hour.

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