5 European Countries We Plan to Visit Once the Pandemic is Over

Most people (including Polarity Technologies’ team members) wisely choose not to travel to other countries for the time being. Although we admit we do miss traveling, flying to other places for leisure these days is something we would avoid.

There are many destinations that we haven’t visited yet and we would love to go to, once traveling is completely safe again.

Weather is an important factor to take into consideration when scheduling to travel. Extreme heat or cold, can ruin the experience. Bad weather can make it difficult for travellers to move around,  explore the destination and fully enjoy the trip.

May and September are probably two of the best months for traveling, as the weather is neither too hot nor too cold in most countries of Europe. On top of that, the prices of plane tickets and accommodation are not as high.

Below are 5 awesome European destinations we would love to visit in the near future.

  1. Giethoorn, Netherlands
  2. Italy, Como
  3. Greece, Meteora
  4. Interlaken, Switzerland
  5. Bruges, Belgium

To us, here at Polarity Technologies Ltd,  traveling equals freedom. When we travel, we want to feel the true vibe of each city. We want to chat with locals and get to know the culture. We want to be stress-free and to be surrounded by relaxed and cheerful people just like the good, old days. We want to enjoy ourselves and  experience each journey to the fullest.

We do not mind waiting a little bit more before we travel again, but once we book our next flight, we’ll live this experience on our own terms!

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