5 Amazing Tricks Only Netflix ”Experts” Know

Even if you are spending a good portion of your free time watching Netflix, there are some amazing  tricks  you might not know.

Polarity Technologies Ltd shares with you how to make the most of your many hours spent on Netflix, according to MSN.

1. Go Hands Free

We’ve all wondered if our phones or Google Home devices are listening to us, but with this feature, you might start wanting them to. You can connect your Google Home to your Netflix. It takes several steps, but it’s worth it to be able to load your Netflix queue without pressing a single button. To set it up, open the Google Home app and selecting Menu > Google Assistant > More Settings > Videos and Photos > Netflix > Link.

2.Request A Show Or Movie

Don’t see what you’re looking to watch? Put in a Netflix request. You can enter up to three titles at a time and, if Netflix does end up adding one or more, it will notify you via email.

Whether it’s because you promised your S.O. that you wouldn’t watch The Crown without them and later broke down in a moment of weakness, or you just don’t want a rogue film-viewing to disturb your carefully tuned recommendations algorithm, you can remove a title from your activity history.

Navigate to Netflix.com/WiViewingActivity to see a chronological list of every TV show episode or movie you’ve ever watched on your account. First, be impressed at your true dedication to the art of Netflixing. Then, click the “X” to the right of each title you’d like to wipe from history, and it’s like it never happened!

Learn more tips by reading the full article from MSN.

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