2nd Cyprus Traditional Festival

If you follow our blog you probably know by now that Polarity Technologies’ offices are located in a beautiful little island of the Mediterranean sea. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes and amazing sunsets, Cyprus is also well known for its long history and rich culture.

If you are interested in Cyprus‘ cultural heritage, we ‘ve got good news.

According to check in, the 2nd Cyprus Traditional Festival will be held next Sunday, on the 21st of April at Petrides Farm Park. During the event, which will start at 10am and will end at 7pm, Cypriot food & free wine, will be offered. Kids and adults will enjoy Cypriot traditional dance performances, shadow play (”karagkiozis”) and Cypriot songs, known as  ”tsiattista”. In addition, a dozen fun activities and traditional games will be available for the kids.

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