Instagram Removes the Pressure of ”Likes”

In an effort to encourage users to focus on connecting with each rather than counting likes, Instagram is testing now a new way of displaying likes under the posts.

Likes in Instagram are currently a measurement of success. ”Likes” boost people’s self esteem, but what happens when users do not get the desired number of likes?

Instagram, has removed the number of likes shown under each post in some countries including Italy, Ireland and Japan so that the users, and especially the younger ones, do not feel the pressure to be ”liked”.

According to BBC, ”At the moment, Instagram users see a running total of people who have liked a post. In the trial, users will see a user name “and others” below posts.”

Instagram aims to encourage people to focus more on telling their story and feel less judged.

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The Time Has Come! We are Moving!

In a couple of days Polarity Technologies Ltd will be moving in its new premises and PolariTeam is super excited about it!

The renovation work has been completed, and the area is almost ready. Our office furniture arrived last week and what we love the most are the height adjustable desks!

Our new office is consisted by the two conference rooms, reception area, open work space (because we are big on team play), a kitchen and an amazing recreation area for our breaks!

The most amazing thing about our new office is that it is surrounded by over 30 windows which makes the area really bright and the environment very pleasant for our team.

The new office reflects Polarity’s true style & character, and our team is really excited about this change.

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Hello New York City!

The financial team of Polarity Technologies Ltd flew two weeks ago to Florida, and then to Kansas City, where Spigot’s offices are located.

During their visit, our team members attended important meetings and participated in fun team activities and outings.

At the end of the business trip, some of us decided to extend their stay in US and take some personal time off so they could visit New York city, before they leave America.

Travelling is something that Polarity Technologies Ltd encourages and supports. With other companies of our group being located all over the globe we are often given the chance to travel to other parts of the world to build relationships and spend time with people we work with. Team work is very important for us and I bet you already know this!

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