Friday Team Lunch @ Evohia

The past weeks have been quite challenging, so we have decided that it was time for us to take a short break and enjoy a nice lunch altogether.

We picked Evohia restaurant because apart from its  excellent food, it’s also located at a short distance from our office. Team outings as well as other team activities is something that we seek to do, whenever we get the chance to, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd.

Teamwork is one of the core values of Polarity’s culture. Interacting within different environments, other than the office, makes it easier for us relax and casually exchange ideas on work and non-work related matters. We keep learning each other through this. The better understanding helps us to operate more effectively as a team in the long run.

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Welcome Summer Party

Since Nicosia does not have a beach Wonder Be has decided to create one. After the success of last year’s Nicosia Beach Party, the same concept will be repeated this year at the yard of Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, in Faneromeni. The end of Ledra street will be transformed in an exotic beach. Umbrellas, deckchairs & hammocks will compose the perfect beach scenery. The scenery gets completed with exotic cocktails and upbeat summer hits. Retro and Contemporary, Greek and non-Greek Music, will uplift our mood and get us ready for summer.

It’s worth mentioning that the event which will be held next Sunday, June 9, from 5pm-11:55pm supports the action of the Karaiskakio Foundation.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love summer, exotic cocktails and party!

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5 Best European Cities For Solo Travellers

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love travelling and meeting foreign cultures. Apart from business trips that happen quite often, leisure travelling is something we also enjoy and do.

Whenever we have the chance, we try to combine business trips with tourism. So instead of returning back to Cyprus straight after a meeting, we choose to extend our trip so we can explore nearby destinations. This is one of the most amazing perks we have here in Polarity and we feel really grateful about it.

Travelling is freedom. Isn’t it?  Freedom means to be able to act the way you feel. So if you feel that you want to visit other places and live new experiences you should do it, even alone.

Below are 5 beautiful and safe destinations for solo travellers.

  • Rome, Italy
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Budapest, Hungary

Solo travelling is not very common in Cypriot culture yet. But if you love travelling you should go for it! Life runs fast, right?

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Are you Ready for the Summer?

Everybody knows that Cyprus = Summer.

Summer in Cyprus means full days at the beach, exotic drinks and endless fun under the sun.

The temperature has already reached 35°C and it’s not even June yet.

Summer takes a whole new meaning here.Cyprus gets really vivid, ”colourful”, happy and busy during summer season. People from all over the world are travelling to the island to meet the Cypriot culture and to spend a joyful time. The sea, the sun, the beautiful landscapes, the amazing food and the endless parties by the beach are only some of the reasons why Cyprus is one of the most popular holiday destinations.

In June, Polarity Technologies will have the pleasure to welcome to Cyprus people from our company group, permanent residents of Cayman Islands, US, Romania and China.

Hospitality it’s a core characteristic of Cypriot culture, therefore we have already scheduled some fun stuff for our guests! If you want to know what are we up to, stay tuned. Make sure you follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram.


PolariTeam is on A Mission

If you are following our blog you might already know by now that Polarity Technologies is moving to a new office.

Teamwork is one of the core values of Polarity’s culture, therefore every and each one of us got involved in the process. Some of us are good with numbers, others are more artistic and others are good with planning. So the input of each one is important to get this project successfully completed.

The new office reflects Polarity’s true style & character, and our team is really excited about this change.

Our workspace is our little kingdom. It’s where we spend the majority of our day. It’s the place where we hustle, we chase and we create. We are really happy that we have the chance to actively participate in the project as a team and create a place that is inspiring and welcoming to us.

Although there are still many things to be done, we are moving quite fast.

PolariTeam is  looking forward  to move to this bright and contemporary office which is located  just a few minutes away from our current premises, in the heart of the city.

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1 out of 3 Internet Users Don’t Know How to Protect Their Privacy

The amount of personal data that the users are sharing through the internet has been increased. Oversharing has reached a level where users feel that they have lost control, believing that even if they tried to regain their privacy, they would failed.

Kaspersky Lab has recently discovered that 32% of internet users are illiterate on how they can fully protect their privacy in the digital world.

This lack of knowledge can make anyone an easy target for digital crimes.

The same survey of Kaspersky showed that one out of five users have witnessed leakage of their own private date or personal data of their family. The percentage increases when it comes to families with minors.

Worrying is however the fact that one out of ten users has lost completely his motivation to get his privacy protected.

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The Cyprus Breakfast and Brunch Week has Began

In an effort to promote and support Cypriot traditional food and products, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Cyprus Chefs Association have launched for the very first time this year, the Cyprus Breakfast and Brunch Week.

During the Cyprus Breakfast and Brunch Week, which will be held from the 6th until the 12th of May, a special Breakfast/ Brunch based on Traditional Cypriot ingredients will be served by 118 hotels and restaurants all over Cyprus.

The 118 HORECA participating to the project will offer to their customers for limited time, a unique culinary journey to Cypriot gastronomy.

If you love food, and especially breakfast as much as we do here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, you can visit one of the below participating points in Nicosia.

Hilton Park

Alternatively, you can live the experience in another city by clicking here.

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Europe Square Food Festival 2019

On Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of May, 2019  Larnaca will be celebrating Europe Day.

The two-day event will take place at Europe Square in Finikoudes. The European Square Food Festival will be open to public and will be starting at 4pm. The visitors will taste authentic ethnic dishes and enjoy cold beer.

According to check in, the event aims in promoting Europe , multiculturalism and international gastronomy. Other than that, intents to pass social messages and entertain people that will attend. Portion of the proceeds will be donated to Europa Donna Cyprus. During the event the guests will enjoy music and amazing dance shows.

Furthermore, many information stands including Europa Donna Cyprus and  European Union in collaboration with the EU House will await all those attending the festival.

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