About Last Night’s Outing

Last night Polarity’s team, together with members of Grant Thornton Cyprus went for dinner to one of the most chic and busy restaurants in town. The environment was fantastic. Cosy yet elegant.  Every little detail was taken care of. The place was decorated nicely and the staff was very polite and helpful.

We had some fantastic cocktails before food, and a bottle of red wine. We then ordered the Maroccan  Style salad, the Beets & Goat Cheese salad, the Crispy Tuna and the Mushroom Tortellini for starter. We got impressed by the creativity, amazing taste and superior quality of the dishes. For main, most of us picked the Rib Eye Steak, where others went for the Sea Bass. Both choices were excellent.

Skinny Fox is for sure one of the most remarkable restaurants in Nicosia right now. If you have never been there before and you want to to try it out, we suggest to book early (… and be patient on the phone!)

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The 9 Unwritten Rules of Texting Etiquette

Most of us and especially the younger generations prefer texting to calling.

Below are 9 golden rules of texting according to a relevant article of Sammy Nickalls.

1. One (text) is enough

2. Always respond

3. Keep the other person’s schedule in mind

4. Don’t text a novel

5. Don’t call in response to a text

6. Avoid sarcasm

7. Respond proportionally


9. Use the right texting laughter

Ha: When you don’t really find something funny

Haha: When you don’t really find something funny, but you are trying to be polite

Hahaha: When their text made you smile

Hahahaha: When you sincerely laughed

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How We Did in Nicosia Marathon

Members of Polarity Technologies attended Medochemie Nicosia Marathon, that took place last Sunday.

Main roads of Nicosia that we have never seen empty before, where free from vehicles so runners could move freely. We participated to the RunCorporate 5km Race together with hundreds of other individuals. It was an amazing experience everyone should live at least once.  The emotion we felt once the race started was like no other. A combination of excitement and freedom. A couple of km before the finish line, the route became pretty challenging.  However, we were determined to finish the race no matter what so instead of reducing our speed, we sped up.

We’ ve crossed the finish line in less than 40 minutes.

In Polarity Technologies we love challenges. Exploring our potentials and testing our limits is part of our team’s mentality.

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Happy Birthday to Our Girl

One of Polarity‘s girls has just turned thirty!

Here in Polarity Technologies, we do our best to make our people feel appreciated and special. Therefore we wouldn’t miss the chance for a little celebration, here in the office.

We came in earlier to decorate her office and we also brought her a Caramel-Peanut Butter Cake that we bought from New York Sweets, located near our office. We placed the cake on her desk and waited for her to arrive.  Once she entered her office she got pleasantly surprised. We all sang for her and she blew her candles out.

Georgina Doukanari is a skilful accountant, with a creative personality! She has an analytical mind but she has also an artistic side. The combination of these traits make her unique and a very important member of our team.

Gina, happy birthday and all the best to you in the year to come!


Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd  the perks are limitless and you never know what is coming next.  Working with Polarity is an exciting journey full of positive energy and pleasant surprises. Our moto is ”Work Hard, Play Hard”. This mentality generates creativity, innovation, and creates an environment where young professionals can thrive.

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If you Love Luxurious Vacations, Book a Room Here

The sun, the beautiful beaches, the delicious food, the long history and the unique culture makes Cyprus a dream holiday destination for many people.

If you enjoy holidays as much as we do, then you should plan your ”Summer 2019” vacations ahead.

Below is a list of our favourite 5* hotels, in Cyprus.


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These Roads of Nicosia will Be Closed on Sunday

On Sunday 24th of February main roads of Nicosia will be closed due to a big sport event. Medochemie Nicosia Marathon will be held in the morning of the upcoming Sunday. The below streets will remain closed from 6am to 2pm.

  • Strovolos Avenue
  • Proedrikou Megarou
  • Demostheni Severi
  • Kratinou
  • Glafkou
  • Arsinois
  • Armenias
  • Ifigenias
  • Stasinou
  • Ayias Paraskevis
  • Ayiou Antoniou
  • Lemesou
  • Evrou
  • Sans Souci
  • Kyriakou Matsi
  • Athalassas
  • Iosif Hadjiosif

For more info visit AlphaNews.

In Polarity Technologies, we like competitive sports and we also love challenges. We are looking forward to this exciting experience. Stay tuned, to find out how we did.

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Our Trip to Cayman was Absolutely Awesome

After a 2-week-long business trip to Cayman Islands, Polarity‘s team members are finally back to the office.

Our trip to Cayman exceeded our expectations. Arriving to Grand Cayman we immediately noticed the summery weather; sunny and warm with the temperature reaching 28°C.

Some of us who have never been there before got impressed by EightPoint‘s new offices, which were ultra modern with a stunning view.

During our stay we got involved in many fun activities; we did a lot of team bonding during and after work.

Specifically, we went on a Rum Distillery Tour, Swam with the Dolphins and also we visited Seven Mile Beach, which is according to Caribbean Travel and Life magazine, Caribbean’s Best Beach.

We had a lot of fun playing tennis and doing water sports including kayaking and jet ski riding.

 Moreover, we came close with island’s wild life and marine life, enjoyed the turquoise ocean and the white sand, enjoyed cocktails in the sunset and tasted some of the Cayman’s most delicious dishes.

We had an amazing time there and we would be glad to go back at some point in the near future. EightPoint guys did their best to ensure that we will have a pleasant and joyful stay… and we thank them for that!

In Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love travelling and interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds. If you enjoy travelling the world and experiencing foreign cultures then you better stay tuned. Maybe your dream job is not that far away.

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Water Sports Fun on Seven Mile Beach

When you think of the Cayman Islands you think of crystal clear water, soft sandy beaches and year round sunshine.

If you’ve been following our blog you’ll know that the team of  Polarity Technologies is currently in the Cayman Islands.  Our sister company, EightPoint, which is located there took us to one of the best beaches in the world, Seven Mile Beach, where we decided to partake in some adventure sports.

Everything was organised through Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman, so everyone made their way to the Westin Hotel beach and started choosing activities to do.  There were single Waverunner jet skis, double jet skis, paddle boards, single kayaks, double kayaks and of course the ocean as your playground.

As the water is crystal clear, whatever activity was chosen everyone got to see what was swimming beneath. If you’ve spent a day at the beach or swam in the sea you know the ocean air creates quite an appetite.  As the the water sports came to an end everyone made their way up to Dukes BBQ & Seafood for some drinks and dinner.

Team activities are something we really enjoy in Polarity Technologies.

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A Show Not to Be Missed

Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned that a unique show is soon coming to Cyprus.

Circus Bubble Show has travelled to many cities around the world with a huge success, and will arrive to Cyprus at the end of March for a limited number of shows that should not be missed.

The magnificent, world-famous show includes big polar bears, dancing elephants and clowns, combining elements of the classic and contemporary circus.

It’s going to be an amazing experience full of pleasant surprises for the audience; A fun afternoon that the whole family will enjoy, and especially kids.

Circus Bubble Show has travelled in Europe, Asia and Middle East and will be here in Cyprus for only three shows that will take place in Nicosia (30/03) , Limassol (31/03) and Pafos (01/04).

Find more info here.

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Image: Sold Out Tickets

Polarity Enjoys Monday Happy Hour in Cayman Islands

Being able to enjoy the company of the people you work with definitely makes it easier to come to work everyday and here at Polarity Technologies Ltd we’ve nailed that perk.

We take team bonding and communication very seriously so it’s important for us to not only understand each other professionally in the office, but also outside the office. We think it’s important to end the week on a high note BUT we also love starting the week on the right foot.

Eightpoint and Polarity share the same mentality, culture and values. Therefore, EightPoint decided that the perfect way to start our second week in Cayman Islands was a Monday Happy Hour.

Happy Hour was located in Rackhams Waterfront Bar & Grill, they reserved a spot for everyone and got food platters to nibble on.  It was definitely great to get out the office and enjoy some needed social time with everyone. As Rackhams is located directly in front of the office most got back to the office to play some darts and ping pong to really end the evening on a high note.

We believe in hiring for the culture of the company in mind, and it really shows in our many team outings.

If you are a fun person, who loves travelling and living new experiences stay tuned for Polarity‘s future job openings. In case you feel impatient and a little bit adventurous, our sister company, EightPoint Technologies is currently hiring in Grand Cayman. Click here for more.

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