Release Your Anger for a Fee

Do you feel angry?

The truth is that life can become really stressful some times. Rage Rooms, is a modern type of ”psychotherapy”; Are specially designed rooms where you can go and break things in a controlled and safe environment.

The first Rage Room in Cyprus has recently arrived in Limassol. Into this room you can  release anger, stress and anxiety by SMASHING staff! Before you enter the room you will be provided with personal protective equipment. You will choose what you will destroy and your background music!

The first rage room opened in Japan in 2008. Since then, this concept has spread all over the world.

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Strictly For Food Lovers

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love good food! (I bet you already know that). We are huge foodies and we often find ourselves scoping out the latest and greatest places to eat. We are excited to go to new places and try different dishes, and Fork Food Market is the perfect excuse!

”The idea is to start a revolution in Cyprus for the thing we love most: FOOD! We want to introduce a new way of providing food, a way that is already established in other countries. 
So we decided to organise Fork Food Market, a mobile food market, which is organised from time to time in different areas and spaces. 
In each market, approximately 8 vendors have the opportunity to offer their food from mobile stalls. We strive to offer not only quality street food, but also healthy food! For this reason, we insist on homemade food from the best raw materials. Combining exceptional quality of materials and taste, as well as affordable prices”Fork says.

The upcoming events of  Fork Food Market will take place this Friday 1st of February 2019 & next Friday 8th of February, at the indoor market of The Old Nicosia Town Hall, opposite ”STOA”. Food will be available from 7pm to 11pm. The bar will be serving mulled wine and zivania to keep us warm and the DJ SixOneSix will be on the decks until midnight.

Check the Food Options below:

Authentic Italian Dishes by  Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino 

”Even though she has been living in Cyprus for years now, Lucia comes from Italy and carries with her loads of magic in the kitchen. At Fork Food Market you will always find her serving you authentic Italian dishes such as lasagne and cannelloni always fresh and made with love. The main thing you will find at their stall though are their amazing pizzas! Some of the options are the Margherita (tomato sauce and cheese), the Piccante (spicy sauce, cheese and spicy salami) and the Colorata (sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, black olives, corn and coloured peppers).”

Pure Ice Cream by  Big Softie

”Big Softie first started operating in 2017 bringing to Cyprus the very first soft serve which wasn’t made from powder but from scratch, using the purest ingredients like fresh milk, organic sugar and natural vanilla. Every recipe is produced in small quantities so there is always good quality control! The signature flavours of Big Softie are salted caramel and orange blossom.”

Traditional Tawian Food by Bao

”For those who don’t know, gua bao is a traditional food from Taiwan that usually consists of a piece of pork belly, slowly cooked in an aromatic mixture, served with fresh cilantro and powdered peanuts in a soft steamed bun. Bao at Fork Food Market offers the choice of pork belly but also the vegetarian option of aubergine, both served with tasty sauces, fresh cilantro, homemade pickled celery and peanut powder.”

Nepalese Dumblings by MOMO

”The MOMO team is a new arrival in the Cyprus street food scene, coming to us with the traditional Nepalese Momo.  MOMO is a type of dumpling made of simple white flour and water and made by hand and requires trained craftsmanship. Usually filled with finely chopped vegetables such as carrot, spring onion, zucchini and Asian spices it can be served as a vegan option or stuffed additionally with minced chicken or pork. At this stall you can also find the MOMO soup which is made with steamed MOMOS in a rich vegetable or meat broth.”

Alternative Burgers by Road Bans

”The bun in which the burger is served is homemade and with beetroot! Also, as part of the ‘healthier eating’ effort they have moved past ready-made sauces and frozen potato chips and they are offering homemade sauces like homemade ketchup and chimichurri sauce as well as the best homemade potato fries, all of which with no preservatives and added substances.”

Vegetarian and Vegan Creations by The Food Garden

”The Food Garden team uses anything that grows in the garden: greens and vegetables, fruit, seeds, herbs and flowers to prepare vegetarian, vegan and raw food, snacks and desserts. With respect for nature and the environment, Food Garden focuses on the use of natural and organic seasonal raw materials from local producers. They pay special attention to the preparation of healthy, nutritious and delicious meals for everyone such as: baked vegetarian burgers, falafel, vegetable wraps and delicious sauces, curries, burritos, soups and salads.”

American Style Burgers by The Munchables

”The Munchables focuses on anything that could come within homemade fluffy bread and specialising in melt-in-your-mouth breaded chicken and slow cooked smoked meats. Creative cuisine inspired by American food culture and prepared with super sized love and soul.”

The Tastier German Bratwurst by Top Dog

”The idea of Top Dog was to create a Hot Dog, but not the usual kind. After many tastings and searching they imported the German Bratwurst (Original & Pepperoni taste) from overseas & created ‘the tastiest German Bratwurst’ in Cyprus as many of their clients have commented. With their passion for taste and quality they found one of the tastiest bread rolls to use for their ‘dogs’ and also make their own homemade caramelised onion and sauerkraut as toppings.”

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Bing Has Stopped Working in China

After the order of Chinese government Microsoft Bing has stopped working in China, Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned.

Chinese government blocked Google in 2010 and WhatsApp in 2017.

Since 2016 China is making intense effort to eliminate access of Chinese citizens to information that is considered uncontrollable and potentially dangerous.

According to IN Business, the president of China has raised a high online wall, known as ”The Great Firewall”, in an effort have a better control over the information that Chinese citizens are exposed to.

Microsoft confirmed that Bing is not accessible in China, but didn’t say anything more than that. China Unicom confirmed that Chinese authorities ordered to ban access to Bing.

Bing was operating until know with results’ censorship.

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Millions of Google Searches for Cyprus

Based on a survey by Google, tourists that have been in Cyprus consider our country as a destination for relaxation, sun, nice beaches, interesting culture and friendly people.

Speaking at the « Cyprus International 2019» Mr. Orestis Andrianis , Google Travel Manager for Greece, Bulgaria, Malta and Cyprus, mentioned a noticeable increase in online searches for Cyprus and 84% was made by inbound travellers.

According to GoldNews, most of the searches came from UK, Germany, Israel and Russia with over 81% of Cyprus’ actual visitors to be from these countries.

Mr. Perdios, Deputy Minister of Tourism, said that the goal in the next few years is to focus on how to create strong feelings to Cyprus’ guests, in order to remember their visit forever. He also stressed the important role of local cuisine, the excellent climate and Cypriot hospitality.

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Let’s Hike!

If you enjoy nature and outdoor activities as much as we do, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd,  hiking is an amazing way to keep yourself healthy, fit and active.

Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned from CheckIN Cyprus that ”Cyprus Strollers” hiking club, organises hikes to different parts of Cyprus, every Saturday/Sunday (alternatively). Most of the hikes start early in the morning and end with lunch at a restaurant or with a picnic.

For February the scheduled hikes are the following:

Pedieos Gorge – Mahairas Monastery: Sunday Feb 3 2019 :

Distance: 14km (4 hours)

Departure From Nicosia: 09:45am

Level of Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Galata – Kakopetria: Saturday Feb 9 2019 :

Distance: N/A (2,5 hours)

Departure From Nicosia: 10:00am

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Xyliatos – Stavros Agiasmati: Sunday Feb 17 2019 :

Distance: 12,5km (3,5 hours)

Departure From Nicosia: 09:45am

Level of Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Deborah and Jackie’s Akapnou: Saturday Feb 23 2019 :

Distance: 8km (3 hours)

Departure From Nicosia: 09:45am

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Polarity‘s team will definitely participate in some hikes because it’s a great opportunity for us to exercise while we are exploring the secret beauties of Cyprus and enjoying magnificent landscapes.

For further info visit or call 97613720.

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Limassol Carnival 2019 To Be Let by Two Queens

The Limassol Carnival Festival, also called ‘‘Karnavali Lemesou”,  is a colourful annual event of carnival processions and people feasting, singing & dancing. The Carnival Queen or King is usually a satirical figure that represents social, political and economic conditions that affect Cyprus directly or indirectly.

2019 is the first year that two women are having the lead roles, as Carnival Queens, in the Limassol Carnival. The two queens will take front stage after they are crowned on ”Tsiknopempti” , which marks the begging of the Carnival Festivities, according to Cyprus Mail.

Limassol Carnival Festival it is considered one of the most  notable events worldwide which has been celebrated the last 100 years.

The Final Grand Parade will take place on the 10th of March 2019.

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love Limassol, since we consider it as one of the most beautiful cities of Cyprus;  And of course we love Limassol Carnival Festival, because is an excellent opportunity for happy people to party and have fun (which perfectly matches our culture!)

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Open post

Polarity Technologies Ltd Visits a HQ Palace

We recently sent some people from Polarity Technologies‘ office in Cyprus to Genimous Technology’s headquarters office in Beijing.

The HQ is like no other as it is set in 400 year old Palace that was built for the 24th son of the Emperor Kangxi, who  is considered by historians to be one of the greatest emperors in the history of China.

The HQ palace consists of 5 courtyards surrounded by buildings which have now been converted into offices, conference rooms and banquet halls. It is currently home to over 300 of our ~900 employees.

It has a fully operating restaurant and hotel onsite with 8 rooms which are all crammed with Ming and Qing dynasty furniture to keep with the traditional theme. Genimous took over the palace from the former China Club Beijing.


In Polarity Technologies Ltd, we love travelling and mingling with people from different ethnic backgrounds. If you enjoy travelling the world and experiencing foreign cultures then you better stay tuned. Maybe your dream job is not that far away.

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Facebook Is Outspending Amazon and Google to Dominate Voice-Activated Devices

Last year, Amazon and Google both backed their voice-activated devices with huge ad budgets across more than 28,400 TV airings, according to Spigot IncFacebook spent $131 million on TV alone during the fourth quarter to promote it’s video-conferencing device portal, amazingly outspending Amazon and Google (which is no easy feat)!

Tech companies are currently using TV’s brand-building power to promote their devices to a broad plethora of potential consumers. Experts are suggesting that the massive ad-spending trend will continue in the 2019 year, but indicate Facebook could potentially struggle with maintaining it’s aggressive ad spending.

The race for tech companies to control the living room is increasingly relying more and more on advertising, specifically TV advertising.

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New to Running? Try This

Running helps people maintain good physical and mental health in countless ways. Some people though believe that running is not for them.

Apart from a healthy habit, running can actually be a fun activity and believe it or not, it can become ”addictive”.

If you are not the kind of person that enjoys solitariness, you can still run with a friend or you can even join a running club.

Some of the benefits of running with others are,according to LiveStrong, the below.

  • When running with others the time flies. Your focus isn’t on your watch because you are immersed in conversations.
  • When nobody is waiting for you to show up, it’s easy to talk yourself out of a run. But when another person is waiting for you it’s easier to commit to regular exercise.
  • Running with more experienced teammates is an excellent way to expand your running wisdom and optimise your running strategy.
  • Thanks to our human innate competitiveness, when you run with others you push yourself harder.
  • If you are sociable and you enjoy meeting new people, joining a running club is definitely a good idea.
  • Finally, you will discover of what you are cable of. Pushing yourself to the limits, mentally and physically, is the best way to increase self satisfaction and self esteem.

Many marathon races have already been scheduled for this year. The one that we are really looking forward to, here in Polarity Technologies Ltd, is Medochemie Nicosia Marathon which will be held on the 24th of February, 2019. Some people from Polarity Technologies Ltd‘s office will participate to the race, and they have already started training.

If you love challenges, as much as we do, then you should participate. If you enjoy meeting new people Medochemie Nicosia Marathon offers newbie runners free training. Click here for more.

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We Got Treats From Japan!

Every now and then Polarity Technologies‘s team travels to other parts of the world.

We love travelling to foreign countries, especially to destinations with significantly different cultures from our. We even choose to extend our trips sometimes, in order to have the time to explore a bit more the area or nearby countries.

In an effort to share our experience with the rest of the team, we usually bring little souvenirs and local treats upon our return.

Alexandros Savvides, Polarity Technologies Ltd‘s Director of Accounting & Operations, has recently travelled to China for business and extended his stay, so he could visit Japan.

This was his first time in Japan, and based on his feedback his trip was an amazing experience. Given that Japan has a long history and a big reputation on desserts and treats, Alexandros couldn’t return to the office with empty hands.

He brought us some very interesting Japanese treats such us KitKat Wasabi &  KitKat Sake. He even brought us some … not-so-common snacks such us Shredded Dried Squid and Dry Cod with Sesame! Although we’ ve heard and read a lot about Japan, we’ve never been there. So this was a good chance for us to get a…taste!

The flexibility and freedom of our corporate culture, is something that we really love. It allow us more room and time to expand our horizons, live new experiences and grow.

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