Sophia is Coming to Cyprus!

Sophia, the most advanced robot to date, will join Reflect Festival as a speaker.

Reflect Festival is the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East, that will take place on the 9th and 10th of May 2019, in Limassol.

”Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot to date and a cultural icon. She has quickly become a media darling, appearing on major media outlets around the world, igniting the interest of people regardless of age, gender, and culture, even gracing the cover of one of the top fashion magazines. Sophia is an evolving genius machine. Her incredible human likeness, expressiveness, and remarkable story as an awakening robot over time makes her a fascinating front-page technology story. She has participated in many high-profile interviews and has recently became the first robot to receive citizenship of any country.”

Learn more about Sophia from Hanson Robotics or meet her in person at the Reflect Festival.

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5 Amazing Tricks Only Netflix ”Experts” Know

Even if you are spending a good portion of your free time watching Netflix, there are some amazing  tricks  you might not know.

Polarity Technologies Ltd shares with you how to make the most of your many hours spent on Netflix, according to MSN.

1. Go Hands Free

We’ve all wondered if our phones or Google Home devices are listening to us, but with this feature, you might start wanting them to. You can connect your Google Home to your Netflix. It takes several steps, but it’s worth it to be able to load your Netflix queue without pressing a single button. To set it up, open the Google Home app and selecting Menu > Google Assistant > More Settings > Videos and Photos > Netflix > Link.

2.Request A Show Or Movie

Don’t see what you’re looking to watch? Put in a Netflix request. You can enter up to three titles at a time and, if Netflix does end up adding one or more, it will notify you via email.

Whether it’s because you promised your S.O. that you wouldn’t watch The Crown without them and later broke down in a moment of weakness, or you just don’t want a rogue film-viewing to disturb your carefully tuned recommendations algorithm, you can remove a title from your activity history.

Navigate to to see a chronological list of every TV show episode or movie you’ve ever watched on your account. First, be impressed at your true dedication to the art of Netflixing. Then, click the “X” to the right of each title you’d like to wipe from history, and it’s like it never happened!

Learn more tips by reading the full article from MSN.

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5 Cities in 20 Days

Here in Polarity Technologies Ltd we grab every opportunity to travel to other cities. A special member of our team has recently left for a three-week business trip, during which he will visit London, Austin, Fort Myers, Miami and Cayman Islands!

The reason of his trip to Austin is a business meeting with partners. Fort Myers is where one of our sister companies is located, therefore it will be an excellent opportunity for him to meet Spigot‘s people and spend some time with them. Miami is as you all know ”The Place to Be”, so he definitely won’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most popular and fancy cities in Florida. The last stop is Cayman Islands, where our sister company EightPoint is located; an excellent chance for him to see this exotic island, as he has never been there before.

Our lives here in Polarity Technologies Ltd are full of pleasant surprises. We never know what each new day will bring.

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Facebook : 3D Photos

Polarity Technologies Ltd has learned from The Verge that Facebook is rolling out a “3D photo” feature that adds depth to photos in your News Feed (or your VR headset.) All users will be able to see 3D photos in their feeds starting Oct 11. The option to create them is expanding a little more slowly, over a process of a few weeks. And in order to use it, you’ll need an iPhone with dual cameras — a feature that’s been available since the iPhone 7, although it’s not present in the new, lower-end iPhone XR. A number of other flagship phones feature dual cameras, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and LG V35 ThinQ, but Facebook says it will be “adding support for more devices in the future.”

The 3D photo feature was announced in May, and it’s relatively straightforward: you select a picture, and Facebook turns it into a pseudo-3D image that changes perspective slightly when you scroll or tilt your phone. TechCrunch explained how the technology works in more detail earlier this year; basically, it draws from the depth map that’s automatically created by dual-camera phones, then adds some custom software tweaks that create a more realistic image. The vast majority of people will see these photos on other phones, but you can also view them on the Oculus Go VR headset’s web browser, or Firefox on the Oculus Rift.

Read the full article from The Verge.

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Today: International Pasta Day

Polarity Technologies Ltd  shares with you some of the best Italian Restaurants in Cyprus where you can dine tonight, to celebrate the International Pasta Day.

In Polarity Technologies we love pasta so we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the day! A member of our team (with well developed cooking skills) made amazing pasta with mushrooms and brought it to the office for everyone to enjoy. Food brings people close, but pasta brings them a bit closer!  If you are a hardworking team-player who likes pasta, follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for future job openings.

Cyprus Halloween 2018: Events & Costumes

Although not a Christian Orthodox custom, Halloween has been becoming more popular the last few years in countries where they typically celebrate carnival instead, like Cyprus.

Since Polarity Technologies Ltd  is a member of a multicultural group of companies, we love learning and experiencing the customs and traditions of other countries; we embrace and celebrate diversity.

Below are some of the Halloween events that we’ve found out that are taking place in Cyprus this year.

La Casa De Papel – Halloween Party

Farmyard Restaurant – Halloween with DJ Jason Collins

Restolake – Halloween Party with Mr Clown

Aces Sports & Cocktail Bar – Aces Halloween Party

State – SPΛNK Halloween: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

If you are planning to attend a Halloween party, you can find below some of the most popular costume ideas of the 2018 according to Google’s Freightgeist :

1. Fortnite
2. Spider-Man
3. Unicorn
4. Dinosaur
5. Witch
6, Harley Quinn
7. Superhero
8. Pirate
9. Rabbit
10. Princess
11. Clown
12. Wonder Woman

View the full costume list here.

Amazon’s Latest Cashier-Less Go Store Opens in San Francisco Today

Amazon’s latest experimental Go convenience store is opening today in San Francisco, adding the Bay Area city as the third after Chicago and Seattle in the company’s ongoing offline retail expansion, according to The Verge.

”The store, located at the corners of California and Battery in the city’s financial district, is modeled much like the five existing locations. It largely serves prepared food, snacks, and drinks, with a focus on Amazon’s own line of sandwiches, salads, and meal kits. But the big innovation is its complete removal of the checkout process.

Instead of standing in line and paying a cashier, cameras and sensors track your movements through the store after you’ve scanned your Amazon account at the front and monitors when you take items off shelves. When you leave, you’re charged for what you’ve taken and given a digital receipt through Amazon’s standalone Go app.”

Read the full article from The Verge.

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Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

Open post

This will Be our Next Team Outing. . . For sure!

In Polarity Technologies Ltd we love good food! (I bet you already know that)

We are huge foodies and we often find ourselves scoping out the latest and greatest places to eat. We embrace every opportunity to go to new places and try different dishes. We have already been in many places as a team but once something new arrives in town we are eager to try it.

Mousse All Day Bar is a new place that has grabbed our attention. Mousse All Day Bar has been launched in Nicosia just a couple of weeks ago and looks very interesting. Its dishes seem healthy and tasty and its excellent online presence makes us want to try them all.

Some of its menu most tempting dishes are Comfort Chicken, Pesto Ravioli and Salmon Teriyaki.

Sweets look absolutely delicious and I’m sure that we won’t be able to resist.

In Polarity Technnologies Ltd we love fun. We like hanging out as a team, visiting new places and trying new food. Our motto is ”Work hard, Play Hard”. If  you are a hardworking team-player and this is the kind of working culture you are looking for then stay tuned. Follow Polarity Technologies Ltd on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for future job openings.

Images: Mousse All Day Bar FB Page

Scammers Trick iPhone Users into Downloading Expensive Apps

iPhone users surfing the app store generally think that they are safe, but it turns out recently scammers have found a way around Apples “secure” user interface and are tricking customers into downloading free applications that actually have extremely pricey subscriptions. According to an article in Tech Crunch, “They do this by intentionally confusing users with their app’s design and flow, by making promises of “free trials” that convert after only a matter of days, and other misleading tactics.”

According to an article posted in Business Insider, “The No. 69 top-grossing app on the United States App Store was called Scanner App. It used your iPhone’s camera to scan documents, and it worked — but it cost as much $4 per week, or over $200 per year, and wasn’t honest about signing people up for the recurring bill, according to user reviews.”

Apple soon will have a huge influx of unhappy customers on their hands if they don’t make a change and it looks like they may be forced to.

If you want to read more about this, Forbes and Mashable also wrote articles giving iPhone users a heads up to search and download more carefully!

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Police Warn of New Ransomware Scam

”A new virus called Dharma is infecting computers and servers by encrypting and locking files, which can be unlocked only through a Bitcoin payment, authorities warned on Tuesday.”

According to Cyprus Mail, ”The police cybercrime unit is warning users to take necessary precautions and to not pay should their computers be infiltrated.

Dharma, a new version of high-risk ransomware/cryptoware, is targeting the computers and servers of companies, offices, and other users through emails with misleading titles and through insecure websites.

Once the virus has infiltrated a computer or server, Dharma encrypts stored files through asymmetric cryptography, locking the computer’s or server’s contents.

A text document is placed in every folder containing compromised files, requesting that a Bitcoin payment is paid as ransom for the unlocking of the files.”

Read the full article from Cyprus Mail.

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