Silicon Valley in San Francisco is widely regarded as the capital of the tech world. However, the US city could only place 14th on the list. The city tops the list for tech salaries and is joint second for cybersecurity commitments, but it falls short on mobile and broadband speeds, as well as electric car technology.

Europe dominates the top ten. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the continent due to Brexit and the ongoing migrant crisis, Europe remains a promising destination for those keen to work in tech. It is home to five of the top ten cities on the Tech Cities Index. These are Amsterdam, Oslo, Geneva, Zurich and Berlin.

The best tech cities for:

Fixed broadband speed: Lyon, France

Mobile speed: Oslo, Norway

Cybersecurity commitment: Singapore

ICT development: Seoul, South Korea

Quality of living: Vienna, Austria

Tech wages: San Francisco, United States

Affordable housing: Detroit, United States

Gender pay gap in tech: Lisbon, Portugal

Electric car charging points: London, United Kingdom

Commute times: Canberra, Australia

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