20 Things To Keep You Busy While At Home

Although the Cyprus government has started loosening the measures against COVID-19, people’s routine is still restricted. Self isolation and restrictions can be challenging for most of us, especially when they last for months. However, in Polarity Technologies we know that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change. Our mindset affects everything we do in life, that’s why we try to keep it positive at all times.

There are dozens of reasons for people to feel blue and worried these days. However, if you look for reasons to keep your spirit bright, you will find them. Although the current situation feels uncomfortable and disturbs our routine, it brings families closer, it makes us appreciate the little things in life and gives us the time to do the things that we have been postponing for months.

There are many interesting and fulfilling activities we can do at home to keep ourselves busy.

  1. Gardening: Plant some new flowers or veggies
  2. Cooking: Try new recipes
  3. Baking: Bake cakes or soft cookies
  4. Exercise: Keep ourselves active and healthy
  5. Art & Painting: Do art
  6. Creative Writing: Write a novel, a song or start a blog
  7. Read: Books or e-books
  8. Play Board Games: With our kids
  9. Meditate
  10. Knit: A pair of gloves and a scarf
  11. Learn a New Language
  12. Learn a New Digital Skill: Video Editing, Photo Editing or Music Production
  13. Learn How to Dance Salsa or Tango
  14. Declutter our Desktops & Organise our Folders
  15. Organise our Photo Albums
  16. Organise our Mail Boxes
  17. Take Care of Ourselves with Beauty Treatments
  18. Organise Our Closets
  19. Clean the Storage Room
  20. Do House Repairs

In Polarity Technologies we look on the sunny side and we remain grateful. We stay home during and after working hours to protect our families and the community.

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