16 English Interjections Not Included in Dictionaries

The rapid development of technology has made the written communication very popular. Many of us and especially younger generations even prefer texting to calling.

Pandemic and the “work from home” model, has made casual written communication popular among colleagues too. Communicating in writing can be challenging sometimes.

Emojis and GIF  can help a lot in communicating our mood and emotion. More than this, knowing how to use (and decode) interjections can help us convey the message more accurately.

Here is 16 frequently used interjections, not included in normal dictionaries.

  1. aha – I got it!
  2. ahh – I see…
  3. augh – Damn!
  4. eek – Help
  5. hmm – I wonder
  6. meh – I don’t know…
  7. mmm – Lovely!
  8. muahaha – I’m so evil
  9. mwah – Kiss
  10. nah – Not really
  11. oooh – Wonderful
  12. oh – I see…
  13. pff – That’s nothing
  14. err – I’m thinking
  15. yikes – That’s a bad surprise 
  16. whoa – Hold on

Find the full list at Vidarholen.net.

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