10 Foods You Should Try on Your First Trip to Cyprus

If you have ever been to Cyprus you should probably know that one of the things we Cypriots are most proud of, is our cuisine. Our cuisine is similar to Greek, but is also a bit similar to Middle Eastern. We use many veggies in our recipes, but we also consume a lot of meat too. Below are 10 dishes every non-vegetarian should try on their first trip to Cyprus, according to Polarity Technologies.

  • Haloumi: Our local cheese. Try it grilled. For the ultimate Cypriot experience, eat it with some watermelon. Vegetarian friendly!
  • Souvla: Cypriot families, cook souvla almost every Sunday. Try it with some cold beer.
  • Mix Kebab: Cyprus is full of “souvlatzidika”, the place where mix kebab is made. This is our traditional fast food. (Well, not really fast. But you know. This is Cyprus. Everything moves slower.)
  • Pastitsio: Greek people make awesome pastitsio too. Not to be missed.
  • Loukoumades: Really heavy but delicious dessert. Deep fried dough balls, with honey on top. It can be quite hard to find them, but if you are lucky enough, try them. Vegetarian friendly!
  • Meat Meze: Meat meze has no end. Eating meze in Cyprus it’s an endless procedure. Don’t leave Cyprus without try it. But make sure you get to the “taverna” with empty stomach. Like, really empty.
  • Fish Meze: Same here, but with fish.
  • Pourgouri: A vegeterian friendly side dish we often eat with meat.
  • Koupepia: Similar to the Greek ”ntolmadakia”, but we do it with meat.
  • Kleftiko: Guess what. Meat!

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